Why Choose Pac-Mac?

Pac-Mac®, a division of Hol-Mac Corporation, manufactures a variety of the most productive refuse and recycling equipment in the industry.  Built for efficiency, reliability, and ease of operation, Pac-Mac® products, including knuckle boom loaders and rear loaders, are capable of handling a variety of public works and solid waste industry obstacles.  Over 51 years of Hol-Mac’s expertise in hydraulics, steel manufacturing, and technical design allows Pac-Mac® to weave quality and strength into every product.  More than 92% of Pac-Mac® components are built and assembled in-house by our skilled and tenured workforce.  The Pac-Mac® family is committed to offering only the highest quality products available on the market.

Sourcewell offers a multitude of cooperatively contracted products, equipment and service opportunities to education and government entities throughout the country. Our contract #041217-HMC,  offers Pac-Mac®’s full line of knuckle-boom loaders and leaf vacuum products.  This contract will be in place for a four year term with an option to extend said contract for a fifth year at NJPA’s discretion.

To learn more about Sourcewell, https://www.sourcewell-mn.gov/.

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