KB-20 Series

Technical Data and Specifications

Recommended Chassis

Cab to axle (CA)View Diagram
Front axle12K lbs. (minimum) - single rear axle
14K lbs. (minimum) - tandem rear axle
Rear axle21K-30K lbs. (minimum) - single rear axle (dependent upon body capacity)
40K lbs. (minimum) - tandem rear axle
GVW33K lbs. (minimum) - single rear axle
54,K lbs. (minimum) - tandem rear axle

General Specifications

Height of boom to ground in lowest travel position (based on 37 in. chassis height)11 ft.
Boom length (16 ft. with 4 ft. extension)20 ft.
Optional boom lengths (fixed)16 / 17 / 18 ft.
Boom rotation270°
Lifting capacity at 20 ft. (with bucket)3,300 lbs. (standard)
3,600 lbs. (optional)
H Style outriggers
Outrigger (extended)
11 ft. 8 in.
Outrigger (retracted)
8 ft.
HydraulicsTandem pump for simultaneous operation of multiple functions
45 gallon hydraulic tank
Operator controls
Individual levers or hydraulic piloted operated joysticks
Rotating platform or stationary platform mounted over cab
Mechanical or hydraulic piloted operated joysticks


Width4 ft.
Fully open5 ft.
Twin cylinders provide superior biting force
High strength tempered steel bolt on replaceable cutting edges
Anti-scalp design
360° continuous rotation
Ease of use when dealing with heavy, bulky materials
Optional bucket designs available to meet your needs (See Grapple Models below)

Standard Body

Length18 / 19 / 20 ft.
Capacity20 / 24 / 25 / 30 cubic yds.
DoorsOptional pneumatic or air latch
Door styleSingle, double, or scow
Floor3/16 in. (1/4 in. optional)
8 in. main sill, 4 in. joist with 12 in. spacing
SidesSide ribs 24 in. spacing
TarpSpring assist with arm, spring assist armless, electric with arm
LightingMid-body turn signals (where applicable)
Smart light (optional)
Customer specific light location

Hardox® Body

Length18/20 ft.
Capacity24/26/28/30 cubic yards
Door1/8" Hardox® barn or single
Floor3/16" or 1/4" Hardox®; no cross
SidesNo ribs; 1/8" Hardox®
Cross SillsNone
Headboard1/8" Hardox®

Standard Features

  • Tip boom cylinder provides hydraulic cushioning/deceleration when fully stroking in either direction to reduce mechanical impact on boom structure
  • All hoses are enclosed within boom structure (view)
  • Pilot operated check valves integrated into boom and outrigger cylinders for safety
  • Hydraulic piloted operated joysticks (view)
  • H-style outrigger
  • Smooth pads for minimal street damage
  • Bumper meets U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, part 571.233 for rear impact guards and part 571.224 for rear impact protection
  • Outboard frame-mounted twin telescopic body dump cylinders, single acting or double acting
  • 45° body tilt
  • GXL wire with labeling enclosed in braided nylon loom

Special Options

Side Arm Hopper


  • Designed to lift and dump up to 500 lbs.
  • Carriage constructed using a track and steel roller bearings
  • Boom constructed of high-strength steel tubing
  • Hopper contains 1 cubic yard capacity
  • Lift cylinder incorporates integral holding valves to prevent boom from falling in instance of hose rupture
  • Dedicated hydraulic control valve
  • Greasable pivot points for longer life
  • Hopper stored under body allowing body capacity to remain the same
  • Operational while boom in stowed position
  • Can be used with a KBF-20H Series Loader and TKB-1824, TKB-1925 or TKB-2030

Mega Tooth Grapple Blades

  • Replaceble high strength steel cutting edges designed for atypical debris maneuvering
  • 110,000 psi high strength steel
  • Ideal for storm debris clean up


Multiple KB-20 features and options are applicable and available on the SKB-20

  • General chassis CA = 108″
  • Bucket stowed between chassis cab and loader (shown)
  • Bucket stowed on rest behind loader (not shown)
  • Electric or pneumatic trailer brakes available
  • Trailers available
  • Operator station options:
    • Stand-up
    • Rotating platform
    • Rotating platform with cab (climate control available)
    • Mechanical joysticks or hydraulic piloted operated joysticks available

All design, specifications and components are subject to change at the manufacturer’s sole discretion at any time without notice. Data published herein is for information purposes only and shall not be constructed to warrant suitability of the unit for any particular purpose, as performance may vary with the conditions encountered. The only warranty is our standard written warranty for this product at the time of shipment.